JTL Security Awareness Campaign

You have Been Phished!


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Phishing Fun Fact:

More than 50% of Organizations get comprised or Breached via Phishing and other Social Engineering Attacks

Do's And Don'ts :

  • DO exercise caution with all email communications you receive, including those that seem to be from a trusted entity. Inspect the sender’s information to confirm the email was generated from a legitimate source.
  • DO keep an eye out for telltale signs of phishing: poor spelling or grammar, the use of threats, or the URL does not match that of the legitimate site. If the message does not feel right, chances are it is not.
  • DON’T click on links embedded in an unsolicited email.
  • DON’T send your personal information via email. Legitimate businesses will not ask users to send sensitive personal information through email.
  • DON’T post sensitive information online. The less information you post, the less data you make available to a cybercriminal for use in developing a potential attack or scam.