Frequently Asked Questions

We have now automated online payments i.e. MPESA/ AIRTEL Money & ONLINE payment. This means that all payments will be verified by “pesapal” then the system will post these automatically and you shall receive a payment receipt within 15-30 minutes of making a payment.

This is a more efficient payment method that has the necessary checks i.e. reference to one’s account number (JTLKXXXX) which is mandatory thus ensuring accurate and timely reconciliation of billing records.

In case of any disconnection, once payments are made, the system is able to post these payments and automatically extend the usage period to mirror the payments 24/7.

Kindly take note of the following online payment options:

1. M-PESA:

  • Go to M-PESA on your phone
  • Select Pay Bill option
  • Enter Business no. 330330 for fixed internet
  • Enter JTLKXX in account code where XX is your JTL FAIBA account number
  • Enter the Amount
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send

2. Airtel Money:

  • Go to Airtel -> airtel money option on your phone
  • Select make payments option
  • Select pay bill option
  • Select OTHER
  • Enter business name pesapal
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter your PIN
  • For Reference enter JTLXX where XX is your JTL FAIBA account number

3. Online Payment:

  • Click here
  • Insert your Account Information Details
  • For Account No, enter JTLKXX where XX is your JTL FAIBA account number
  • Select a Payment Method from the options provided
  • *Supports Mpesa, Airtel Money, Yu Cash, Visa and MasterCard
  • NB: when making payments please don’t separate the digits in the amount i.e. instead of 10,000 it should be 10000.

*Incase you have a cheque
Kindly deposit your cheque(s) to Barclays Bank using the following details: Barclays BANK:
AC/No: 0451549855
Account Name: Jamii Telecommunication Limited
Branch: Hurlingham Branch
NB: Please indicate the Invoice and Account number(JTLKXXX)

You can top up your Faiba mobile 4G LTE line using one of the methods below;

  1. Purchase airtime at a Faiba Shop or partner shop
Mpesa Logo

Top Up Instructions

  • Select Lipa na M-PESA.
  • Select Pay Bill
  • Enter Business No as 776611 for Faiba mobile 4G
  • Account No as Faiba No i.e. 0747 XXX XXX
  • Enter the Amount.
  • Enter your PIN and Send.

Equitel Logo

Top Up Instructions

  • Select My Money
  • Select Send/Pay
  • Select Account
  • Select Paybill
  • Select Enter business No.
  • Enter 776611
  • Enter Account No as Faiba No i.e. 0747 XXX XXX
  • Enter Amount
  • Confirm and Enter PIN

Eazzy Logo

Top Up Instructions

  • Select Eazzy Pay
  • Select Paybill
  • Enter 776611
  • Enter Account no as Faiba No i.e. 0747 XXX XXX
  • Enter Amount
  • Confirm and Enter PIN

If you have a problem with your connection, please have a look at the following:
• Is the JTL router unit turned on? (the power switch should be highlighted green)
• There should be two flashing green lights for the PON and WLAN
• The LAN LED is flickering with a green light
• If the LOS LED is red: restart the unit.
• Check if payments are up to date
Note: Please do not move the ONU unit once it has been mounted as the fibre connections are delicate and a slight move could mean loss of signal.

Turn all equipment on first.

How do I connect to my Wi-Fi via Windows?

  1. Go to Connect To and choose Show all Connections from the Start Menu.
  2. Select the Wireless internet icon and click View Available Wireless Connections on the left side in the Network Tasks box.
  3. Choose the network that you want to join from the Network menu that pops up. You may have to enter a password if the network is password-protected.

How do I connect to my Wi-Fi via Macintosh

  1. Go to the Applications folder and choose Internet Connection.
  2. Click on the AirPort button in the new window.
  3. Make sure that AirPort is on. Choose the network that you want to join from the Network menu that pops up. You may have to enter a password if the network is password-protected.

How do I connect to my Wi-Fi via Linux

  1. Read the how to set up a wireless network in Linux article
  2. Go to Network Manager.
  3. Choose your "Encryption" (WEP or WPA) and enter your passkey.

General Tips

Before you perform a speed test from your connection, it's important that no other application is using your connection. Close all file-sharing and/or any other software that requires an internet connection (instant messaging applications such as MSN Messengers, Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo! etc.) Make sure also that there is not programs are running at startup that checks for updates such as antivirus, windows update etc.

How to improve broadband speed

Internet speed depends upon many factors. One of the main aspects to be considered is your own PC/Laptop. Download speed may vary based on the settings of the computer. If it is an old PC/Laptop, the upgrade of hardware may be necessary to improve the speed of your internet connection. There is no point in going for a fast Internet connection unless your PC/Laptop is ready to match with the Internet speed you have subscribed in.

Why do I get different results when I run the test?

The test shows the current throughput you can get on your internet connection. Factors such as network congestion and other downloads in progress can affect the available throughput

How do you know how fast is my Internet connection?

We calculate the speed of your connection by calculating the time it takes to download a predefined set of data

Any tips to get better test results?

For a more accurate result, refrain from using other browsers or programs while performing the test. Test your connection with an average to high spec machines (PC or laptop) and to make sure you do not have multiple devices connected to your Internet connection.

Click here to test your connection

You can also use the below sites

  2. (Choose a local server)

Why am I able to send emails but unable to receive them?

Please check the following and if you are still not able to receive emails, please call our Customer Care representative by dialing 0711054100.

  1. Verify that you are entering the correct email password, and that the email client is configured as per the settings provided varied on where your domain is hosted; kindly call us for further assistance
  2. Verify with your domain host that your domain has not expired and mail settings (mx records) have not changed
  3. Check your email forwarding settings from within the web mail interface and make sure that forwarding is not configured

Why am I able to receive emails but cannot send them?

Please check the following and if you are still not able to send emails, please call our Customer Care representative by dialing 0711054100.

  1. Make sure you are writing your full email address in lowercase letters in the email address field, and that your email client is configured as follows: Outgoing mail server: or, our outgoing server does not require authentication and smtp port is set to port 25 and without encryption
  2. If you have your own mail server or your mail is hosted by a different provider, make sure that the outgoing settings are correct and there is no issue at the hosts end.
  3. Make sure you are sending to a valid email address, any mistake in typing the address can cause this problem.

Faiba is the latest JTL high quality, world class fiber to the home network. With faiba Internet you get very many benefits:

  • The whole house can go online at the same time with no drop in speed
  • Access Video Conferencing and IP phone services with high definition (HD) clarity
  • Access online TV and stream movies without interruption
  • Play your favourite games online
  • Download music in a flash
  • Access distance learning and many others

The possibilities are endless….

Among many other features fiber optic is faster and is future proof meaning the fiber infrastructure we install now will meet ICE (Information, Communication and Entertainment) needs of today and the foreseeable future.

Some of the benefits of optic fibre over other internet access connections are:

  • It’s the most advanced way to enjoy broadband.
  • Clear highest quality signal for sound, data and graphics
  • Extremely high speeds available up to the speed of light
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Higher reliability and no drops in speed with distance or number of users
  • Your connection is not affected by weather conditions or obstructions to signals

In order to get Faiba to your home or business premises, we need;

  • Your physical location address. City, Estate/Street, Building/Home number
  • Your Home/Company billing and contact details such as Full Name, Email address, Phone number, Location.
  • When you contact the sales team, you will be advised if we are able to provide Faiba in your area.
  • If yes, advance payment will be made for survey and installation purposes.
  • You will be asked to choose an installation date.
  • Once we have confirmed your chosen date one of our engineers will come to do a survey and set up the Faiba connection. A fibre cable from our network will be run underground or overhead to your premises. Your Faiba connection will run along the outside or inside of your home to the JTL router that will be mounted at a convenient location inside your building.
  • One of our expert engineers will then visit your home or office at a convenient time for you to install and set up your Faiba service. Once it’s all up and running, the engineer will show you how everything works.

For any connectivity issues please contact the customer care team on: 0711054100

Please do not hesitate to contact us via:
Email: or
Mobile: 100, 0747 585 100

We value your opinion and look forward to delivering world class services to you.

We have the below 2 units that we install at client premises:


What does the RED (LOS) LED light mean?

A constant Red LOS LED light means Loss of Signal and usually indicates a physical or logical issue with the connection. If this light is on then it should be reported to 0711054100

A blinking Red LOS LED light means that the connection is temporarily disconnected due to a billing issue. Kindly get in touch with our support team via 0711054100

What does the GREEN (PON) LED light mean?

This means Passive Optic Network and usually indicates that the router is connected to the internet

What does the GREEN (WLAN) LED light mean?

This means Wireless Local Area Network and usually indicates that the Wi-Fi signal is being broadcast by the ZTE router

NB: if this is not on, then kindly press the “Wlan” button located at the back (model ZXA10 F660) or top (model ZXHN F660) of the ZTE router

What does the GREEN Lan1/2/3/4 light(s) mean?

This means that you are physically connected (via LAN cable) to either port

The JTL Sales team can be contacted on:

• Tel: 0747 585 100

• Email:

• You could also visit our offices at Jamii Towers | Hospital Road | Upper Hill | Nairobi

Customer care is available 24 hours a day all year round. They can be contacted via email or telephone on:
• Tel: 0747 585 100
• Email:

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