Frequently Asked Questions | Faiba 4G

Our number prefix is 0747 XXX XXX

Yes, you can, but only if your phone is compatible with our frequency.

We will publish a list of phones that are compatible with our network on our website . The list will be updated from time to time as the number of compatible phones changes.

Devices will be fully compatible with Faiba4G or partially compatible (data only). In both cases, you will need to configure the respective APNs. For data only, only configure the data only APN as described on . For voice service, configure the voice APN as described on

You can top up your Faiba4G line using one of the methods below;

  1. Purchase airtime at a Faiba Shop or partner shop
  2. Using M-pesa paybill number 776611 and account number is your number i.e. 0747 XXX XXX

You can purchase bundles for your line using one of the methods below;

  1. Dial *111# from your phone, then select option 1. Choose whether you want to purchase a daily, weekly or monthly bundle.
  2. Go to on your phone using your Faiba4G line. Go to buy bundles and select the bundle you want to purchase
  • Download the Faiba app from Google Play, install it and activate. Use the app to purchase bundles

Below is a list of USSD codes and short numbers that are available on Faiba4G

USSD code

Function description


This is the main prepaid USSD. It contains all the services offered on Faiba4G


This USSD code will display the subscribers’ phone number


This USSD code will display the main account balance of the subscriber


This USSD code is a shortcut for buying bundles


This USSD code is a shortcut for transferring airtime between Faiba4G numbers


This is the Faiba4G customer care line

VoLTE simple means Voice over LTE. It is voice calls carried over a 4G LTE network instead of the more common voice networks like 2G & 3G.

Below are the benefits of the VoLTE;

  1. It is possible to simultaneously do voice and data.
  2. Faster connection times during call set up, usually less than 2 seconds
  3. High Definition voice calls which means all VoLTE calls are crystal clear resulting in a richer calling experience
  4. Better battery life since, unlike traditional calling methods where your phone will have to switch from 4G to 3G or 2G, VoLTE calls only work on 4G meaning there will be no switching or searching for signals every time you are on a call, thereby improving your battery life

ViLTE stands for video over LTE. It’s an extension of VoLTE, which enhances voice services with a high-quality video channel.

Below are the benefits of the ViLTE;

  1. Make video calls straight from your native dialer. With ViLTE, you do not need any other app to make a video call
  2. Enjoy an enriched experience of mobile telecommunications (point-to-point and multi-party video calls) through video calls.

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